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Margazhi Mahotsav..Vijay Shiva

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Margazhi Mahotsav..Vijay Shiva Empty Margazhi Mahotsav..Vijay Shiva

Post  simiradha Thu Dec 23, 2010 7:11 am

Excellent concert by Vijay Shiva...His songs were based on Ayul, Arogyam and Aishwaryam. His explanation on each one of them was so simple and am sure youngsters can understand better..."Bhagyada Lakshmi baramma" was good.

He everybody runs for need to run ...just take care of your wife Very Happy with respect, everything will fall in place and sings "Ma Janaki Chetta bettaka" in Kambodhi...Loved it.

His question and answer on the percentage growth of Karnatic music, interest among youngsters, etc. was excellent. He indicates that in 60 years only 0.5% has increased.....good or bad? figure it out!

He talks of Siddhar vaidhyam...Vengayam, Milagu, sukku irrukattum.....nee enna vaidhyam panna porai....
and fasting........Ekadasi fasting is not blessed for everyone and sings Purandaradasar's song

When we can't do fasting, pranayanam, or take care of our wife without tears in her eyes....don't worry on anything..everything will still take place and be blessed with ayul, arogyam and aishwaryam......and sings Ma kelara Vichaaramu" in Ravi Chandrika

Excellent, wonderful lectures and meaning to go with songs. Can't wait to hear Ranjani and Gayatri tomorrow.....


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