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Sangeetha Upasana Padasalas

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Sangeetha Upasana Padasalas Empty Sangeetha Upasana Padasalas

Post  g.ramaswami Fri Dec 03, 2010 5:55 pm

Carnatic music is age old , according to me it should be treated in the same way which kanchi Paramacharya launched Veda Padasalas throughout India. Distinguished musicians have been born in many villages and in their name the schools should be established in the place of their origin.. I do believe that many eminent and well to do persons could trace the origin of their village and will be ready to contribute for establishing music padasalas. In each place a trust can be created and with the renown of the distinguished musicians help it is definitely possible to raise adequate funds for establishment and maintenance of such carnatic music padasalas. I'm sure this idea will have the patronage of all persons interested in carnatic music . I'm confident that little drops of music in such villages will enhance the quality and reach of carnatic music and preserve its unadulterated form.

Scientifically speaking the DNA of the distinguished musicians will percolate the younger generation and this will give an opportunity to expose talents. I invite the views of music fans with service in mind.



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